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Lonestar Championship Recap

The 2022 Lone Star Championship was one for the books as this once in a lifetime
event took over Cowboy Stadium and turned the football Mecca into a place for hoops
over the weekend. Girls from all over had a chance to compete against top notch
competition and see who would be crowned champion and have the ultimate bragging
rights. Teams were able to compete in 12U-17U and below is a recap of some of the
action from all the different age levels and various teams.

Class of 2023 Division 17U

The Hoop Society-Team Spaz was the highlight over the weekend in terms of style of
play and dominance. This being the first year assembled, many did not know the level
of talent that the program would bring to the table. They would go on to go undefeated
and win the platinum championship. They college coaches sitting area filled up fast
every time they hit the court as G Macy Spencer and F Tobi Ademuwagun were
clearly the best players on the court no matter the opponent.
Spencer would drop 36 pts Saturday afternoon with what would be the high for the tournament.

Della Lamb 3SSB did not disappoint in terms of talent and skill. They competed at a
high level all weekend and gave The Hoop Society a game for the ages when the two
giants met. Sharpshooter Bailey Burns showed why she deserves to play at the next
level by knocking down shots and being true leader out on the court. Another prospect
that turned heads was Yar Manyiel. Big time prospect who gets better every time she
steps out on the court. Tremendous upside who can play multiple positions at the next

TTP Shields 2023 played consistent all weekend and played a fast-paced style that
caught many teams off guard. They went on to go 4-0 over the weekend and were in
great position to make it to the championship game of the top division but fell short to
the Lady Jets. This is team that is coached well and is very disciplined in their style of
play. The have some talent in the backcourt and will be a team that many schools take
a hard look at over the next few months over the live period.

Texas Phenoms had a great weekend in terms of competition and exposure. Every
time they hit the court it was a show and the college coaches in the crowd made sure to
get a front seat of the action. They have roster of talented players and play a style of
basketball that is fun to watch. G Madison Bob was a walking bucket all weekend. She
is a legit D1 prospect who has tons of upside. Standing at 6’5, Crystal Hayes showed
many signs of being an elite level prospect. She has size, skill, and IQ of a player well
beyond her years. This is a team that will be fun to watch as the season goes on.

Class of 2024 Division 16U

Louisiana United 2024-Clay lived up to all the hype leading into this event. They made it
a point to show that they have a roster that can beat you from multiple ways as well
dominate on the defensive end. They went on to capture the Platinum championship by
squeezing past the Oklahoma fusion in 62-56 win. G Jada Richard was exceptional all
weekend for her squad. She is a high-level prospect who many of the coaches in
attendance were there to see. True leader with tremendous upside.

Cy-Fair Elite 16U made a lot of noise this weekend in the 16U division and was in
position to take home the trophy and will be a team to watch closely this summer. They
are long, athletic, and can play the game at any style or pace. The began 3-0 have
tremendous upside moving forward.

Della Lamb 3SSB 2024 came out with a tough loss on opening night and never looked
back after that. They went on to win every game from that point on. Their size and
physical play made it extremely hard for teams to matchup against. They would go on to
win the gold championship.

Oklahoma Fusion 2024 played great all weekend and was in position to win it all
against Louisiana United in the championship game. The have the players to matchup
against anybody and can play with speed if needed. They were one of the teams all
weekend that consistently played better every time that they stepped out on the court.
The have a roster loaded with talent and this will be a team that makes a lot of noise
moving forward.

Class of 2025 Division 15U

2025 Della Lamb 3SSB squad was just simply too much for anybody to handle over the
course of the weekend. No team got within 13 pts of them throughout the weekend and
they showed why college coaches around the region are already taking notice at the
level of talent that they currently have. In what was thought to be a close championship
game against a great Oklahoma fusion squad, Della Lamb never looked worried as they
cruised to a 64-51 win. One player who the many will be playing close attention to is
Maddie Gragg. Prospect with legimate long term upside.

Louisiana United 2025 is one squad to that made a lot of noise over the weekend.
They are a well-oiled machine who can beat you inside and out. They spread you out in
the half court and get easy transition baskets off turnovers and misses. Taelyn Taylor,
Imani Daniel, and Shaila Forman are three names that we expect to hear a lot of the
next few years as they continue to develop.

Oklahoma Fusion 2025 was a squad that turned a lot of heads this weekend. They
play very well together and are imposing in the post. One of things that stood out about
this squad is how well they play against pressure. They do not turn the ball over and
they play well together. If this squad stays together, they have all the tools to make a lot
of noise nationally the next two years.

2025 Cyfair Elite National-Lyons is a squad that had the baselines filled throughout
the weekend. This squad took home the gold championship of the division but had a ton
of talent up and down the roster. They play fast and get after you on defense. They
have multiple guards who can control pace and simply take over the game at any given
point. Much of the roster is filled with players that are playing up a year or two, so they
have plenty room to grow. 2027’s Brooklyn Eubanks, Anaya Gardner, and Brook
Prevost are three players to watch over the next few years.

Class of 2026 Division 14U

Lady Drive Nation-Massey took the big leap and played up a division to showcase
their talent. This move was well received as they look like they fit right in against older
competition. They have the size and skill to match up against most teams anywhere
they play. They would go 3-0 leading into bracket play before blowing past a talented
2026 Oklahoma Fusion squad. They would make it to the championship game in the
platinum bracket before losing to a talented SSA Gameball 2026 squad.

SSA Gameball 2026 like their younger 2028 squad, took care of business from the start
of the weekend until the last game. They play at a pace that makes it exceedingly
difficult to match up against them at this level. They can play fast in transition, as well as
beat you in the post in the halfcourt. They shoot the ball very well from the outside and
make it almost impossible to stay in the game with them. Look forward to hearing this
team make a lot of summer throughout the summer.

Della Lamb 2026 played hard throughout the weekend and was able to capture the
gold bracket championship. The adidas sponsored team checks off all the boxes in
terms of talent and size. They play the game with aggression and never gives up on
plays. This is a well-coached group and with time to grow and develop over the
summer, this is a team that will make a ton of noise this summer.

Class of 2027 Division 13U

CY-Fair Kansas Elite showed their dominance for much of the weekend and proved
they simply were too much for everyone in this division. In the championship game, they
simply were too much for the talented DC Queens Royal squad. In a matchup that was
thought to be a low scoring game, CY Fair got ahead and never looked back in this one.
They have a bright future with they way they play and how they get after it defensively.
They run a three-guard rotation and their players all can handle the ball in transition.
This is a group that will be running strong together for years.

The Hoop Society made their way to the AT&T Stadium from the Houston area and
showed glimpses of how good they can be moving forward. They gave eventual
champion CY Fair Kansas all they could manage Sunday afternoon with their length
and quickness in the full court. They are in their first year together and it will only be a
matter of time before they develop into a team that will be a household
name in the state of Texas. Two players that will be ones to watch in the years to come are seventh
graders Carlie Lewis and Gracie Hobin.

DC Queens 2027 Royal is a squad that is deep with talent and like to press and play
with a fast tempo. They do an excellent job of speeding up the pace of the game and
making it very difficult for opposing teams to get in a rhythm. They have the size and the
talent to be a team that can make a lot of noise at the 13U level and beyond. This
program has a proven track record of success and that looks to be something that will
continue moving forward.


Class of 2028 Division 12U

SSA GameBall would ultimately take home the crown in this competitive division, and it
was no secret why they walked out of Dallas as champions. They play a style of
basketball that far above their years and they only look to get better. They are a well-
coached organization, and it will only be a matter of time before this 12U group is
making noise at the national level. The state of Kansas and Oklahoma based
organization is one that will be around for a long time.

Della Lamb 2028 is a program that caught the eye of many of the on lookers this
weekend. The adidas sponsored program is big name on the national stage and the
development of their players at the younger ages is something that they take seriously.
They are a deep and incredibly skilled group of players and finished second in the
division. A few prospects to watch over the next few years are Saniah Jones and
Izabella Cherne.

Oklahoma Aces 2028 was one group that was fun to watch and played hard the entire
weekend. What they may have lacked in size, they made up for it in effort. They
competed in every single game and show a lot of promise in terms of long-term talent.
They are a well-coached group of girls, who flat out play the game the right way. One
player to watch in the future is Amira Harrison. Small in stature but may be one of the
most skilled players in the entire division.